Friday, August 20, 2010

the pond, the sun, the pool

"There will Come another day and I'll make my getaway to a lipstick sunset." I turned on the random MP3 as I settled down to write. We have just pulled off the road after leaving beautiful Maine as the "lipstick" sun set over the last miles of the journey. Far from home. To the Atlantic ,the "pond", and back. The Maine sweet memories...
Sweet air, people with big hearts, grand Acadia, and Steven King's black cat. To close this Maine chapter with another night at the pool we had stayed by outside Gorham New Hampshire after being "schooled" by Mount Washington. Had the sun not set when it had I may have passed this splendid gem that is on no tour book. I remember the help this brook and pool gave me time to reflect and rest before. After a night of sleep the pool will have my gaze one last time.

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