Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Ball

I was going to" leave it at that" with the previous post. My journey has been long and filled with wonderful people, sights, challenges and moments close to being spiritual. This being the third time I have walked to reach out and promote active living for health, I thought a thorough review of all the roads we walked as I return home will give me perspective. Last year I did the same thing as I made my way back to Kentucky at a whirlwind pace. When I finally got to the house I had a period where I felt sad and was generally not my usual perky self. I worked through it more by blocking my feelings with work and life back in my hometown. I wanted this time to take in the experience differently and avoid that low, emotional part. Thinking by visiting with all the memories and many people whom I met during the trip would do good, would help me; and it has. I have learned something about myself I couldn't see before. I think I am sad to part from the rich friendships, the places, the moments I have loved along the way. Like loosing something close to my heart. The cost of having a ball all these months, in all these states, with all you fine people is I can't help but have a bawl.

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Anonymous said...

Wishing you the best for the coming year. Will be watching for your posts on your next trip.