Tuesday, August 24, 2010

rain day=movie day

I continue my review of my little walk to promote activity to control or prevent diabetes during the past four months. Most of that time I spent with my son. Today, I'm waiting out this four days of rain with my sister and her "party B." We have just finished watching "The Big C", the first two episodes. Let's put aside that after walking for these months all day almost every day miles and miles I now feel, "useless as teats on a boar hog", and focus on the second episode where the woman who has cancer is wanting to spend the summer with her teenager instead of allowing him to go to a six week soccer camp. The boy (no one) has not been told of her condition. The last scene of the episode has her getting a blanket and pillow out of the closet and going to her sleepimg son's room to sleep close to him on the floor.
I can very much relate with her wanting to lay near her grown boy, to listen to him breath as he slept, just as she had enjoyed that simple pleasure when he was an infant. Life is short so don't let a life ending disease be the reason to be close. I will ever be grateful to have spent time watching my grown child and listen to the rhythm of his breath, even smell his teenage odor. Tomorrow I may be gone.
During our walk we were stopped by an elderly man, I told him of our journey, he broke down and shared he had lost his wife ten days before and said I should hug my son everyday because tomorrow I my not get the chance.
I asked my sister if we could watch something next that didn't make me cry. Then I received a phone call from a woman who I met my first week on the road who asked that I stop through to meet a friend of hers who is heavy and has been told she is pre-diabetic but is not concerned, her family is full of diabetics and she is just waiting until she has to take medication to add to her poor diet and lack of activity. I'll go where no doctor has been able to convince her to go, walking for her health. Wish me luck. And this is my rain day- watch movies day.

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