Friday, August 13, 2010

The Room, The Wall, The Core

I am anxious to get out on the road after the comfortable night in a soft bed, with fluffy pillows, no mosquitoes, a bathroom and shower. Ethan is beginning to stir, I am sure he will jump back to bed after he sees the time. We are within seventy miles from Acadia, the end in reach if I can keep us all motivated, Ethan has been bored for awhile. A nineteen year old who would love to hang out with friends and do what irresponsible kids do. I have been glad to spend this time with him though his enthusiasm is like that of a bored kid... Just as I predicted, he is back under the covers.
After walking for close to four months I too have had my days against "the wall" when my energy is low, the boy is dragging a cloud of frowns, my body is fatigued and the roads keep rising ahead. Ethan wants to get on with the return trip and visit the people we have made friends with along the way, he wants to have fun. I have fun everyday, I enjoy the sights, the terrains, the people. I am old, there will be no party all the way back to Kentucky. A little fun and merriment, yes, but I sent that wild horse out to pasture years ago. Keeping my eye on the line with my worldly plow to Acadia is what is on my mind, at the core. Acadia, the gems of Maine.

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