Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Possible post

I am awake after three AM looking out the window at the stars. One has caught my gaze. I know even as it fades and appears again through the clouds it is always there and constant. As constant as a star. Like love, when not cluttered with thought. Late night is time for ease and purity o' mind. No facades, no covers, no care for what others may think. I walk for love in a way. Love for people I will never meet. For some I may greet in passing. Loosing my mother too soon has in its way given me the World and countless memories of people who enrich it. Yes, I'd trade it to sit with my mother in her old age. There is no network signal here and if we can get clear to post this, I will.
Never get too busy to stay healthy, get healthy, for the stars in your world who want to shine along side of you and not remember how bright you had shined.

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