Wednesday, August 11, 2010

"What are the odds?"

Another beautiful morning in 'vacationland', Carmel, Maine. Not a cloud in the sky. It rained a bit before it got dark just at the end of our day. A man offered for us to stay in his drive just behind the store in town. His wife and he had seen us several times in two other states recently. She knew what we were up to and had been diabetic since having one of her children ten years ago. The doctors said it would "go away". It has not. She said the people at her office have been talking about us and now she could say we stayed at their house. "What are the odds?", she asked. Pretty great odds for us staying in her yard at this point.

I have been walking to help prevent diabetes and promote awareness for fitness as a control and prevention, but the odds of any of us getting diabetes is getting close to 2-1 by my reckoning. I just woke up, so excuse me for making that observation without factual data to back me up.

We are fifteen miles from Bangor city center, I am told. If the day is a bit cooler we may get close today.

What are the odds?

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