Monday, August 9, 2010

Break time; The Maine rain

We awoke on Sunday feeling lazy, I wanted to find a shady spot before we left our host's farm. Picking blueberries was tempting, but we got the World rolling toward Bangor. It was sunny though not very hot. Walking in the full sun does take it's measure, which is why I wear long sleeves to keep from being sun dried and burned. There were many people who stopped during the day and the trees' shade during those conversations were welcome. Luckily at the end of the day it became overcast: the best walking condition on the open highways.

This journey has been long. I began from the oldest known structure in Arlington Virginia and officially stepped into the walk at the Lincoln Memorial in April, Earth Day, to walk here - Vacationland - Maine. I have walked in all weather short of sleet and snow on this walk. I began when the spring flowers and stubble fields from last years harvest covered Maryland. I prepared for cold weather at the beginning by turning off the heat at my home much too early... it was still winter then. Ironic that within the first week the temperatures in Maryland topped in the high 90's. I have seen thousands of beautiful scenes from great mountains to tiny views between trees on the side of the road. Beautiful people all along the way, whatever state I was in. Any poor reputation for any state I have found to be hearsay; the worst turned to be the sweetest and kindest. I have seen Paul Bunyon and sat on the same throne as Mark Twain in Rudyard Kipling's home. I have saved the best for last, I am told. The wonders I have seen will be hard to beat.
After last night's rain, which helped me to sleep almost twelve hours, we have rested a bit. But the sun has broken through and we will make our way to some new wonder, I'm sure not far from this edge of Newport Maine. No ten mile trek today.

Thanks to the school teacher who appeared while we were eating dinner last evening who shuttled me to the support van. These things work out despite my doubt they will (I was about to hitchhike back.) Thanks to all the fine people I have met who help in their own way, if even just a kind word or a smile as they drive by. This is a wonderous journey. I recommend it to anyone.

Good day, Maine!

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