Sunday, August 15, 2010

eleven,twenty five, or nineteen.

I have gotten so many numbers of miles to Acadia park entrance from locals. The wind was directly at my face today and the going was slow. The sun was cooking my ear that just healed from the last burn. My John Wayne swagger pronounced from walking the ditches and berms of the new and unfinished roadways; my theory is he walked like he did because he was hurting. The diverse estimates didn't help. As well as I can determine I am one mile from the bridge or causeway and ether seven or fifteen from Acadia, nine from Bar Harbor. The close of the walk is near however you add it up. A day or two.
Ethan has found a couple of girls to drive him to Bar Harbor and I am sitting at the van getting ready for an early start. No worries...

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Anonymous said...

Hey, World Guy! My husband and I saw you on your way in yesterday, and about 1 1/2 hours ago at the entrance to the Acadia National Park Vistor's Center at Hull's Cove. Was able to read what it says on your globe this time and had to look you up! Very cool! :-D Yours, Monica & George Brown