Saturday, August 21, 2010

The plan and the way it goes

My plan has been to return home following as well as possible the route we took and see some of the people we met, sights and sites we found on the way, reflect, write my thoughts, relax. As we walked closer to Acadia we were invited to stay at a home on the Island so we could have time to see the sights, clean up a bit, relax. We were also invited to a gorgeous cabin by a lake north of Bangor to stop, just be there to relax. I accepted both invitations. The home on the island was great and our hostess gave us all the space and time we wanted. The teenage angst of my son, the throngs of visitors to the national park, the poor signal for posting, as well as the weariness of the road, had us off the Island a little too soon. It was a great experience aside from these things. The lake cabin was a welcome stop cut short by our hosts' family emergency. I wish their loved one all the best. We had time to swim a bit, canoe a bit, make good friends, and have wonderful conversations. We also stayed a night with our friends in Carthage who treated us as family like the others had. I can't thank all of them enough for their kindness. Even now we are staying with friends we met along the walk. If I can find the space to write about the return trip so far I will be truly blessed.
As with all plans, the world sometimes gets in the way.

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