Sunday, August 8, 2010

the extra mile

Waking up Saturday morning to the mist over the river I fought myself to stay longer. A man pulled in who loved to talk. He had said he'd always heard of people who rode and traveled across country but had not met one in the flesh. I gave him an extra news article from the friday payh'pah' because I could just imagine him trying to describe what he'd seen. I have listened to hundreds of people telling others over the phone about us and sometimes a visual tells the story best. We got ourselves ready and headed toward Cannan. When we reached the towns' sign. We were invited to stay for the night at a home just off route2 where they would feed us a good home cooked meal. R. said for us not to eat till then. We were at least seven miles from the turn and it was still before noon, we stopped for a bite. We stopped to talk. We stopped for shade. The ten miles turned to thirteen once we made the turn but it was worth it for the good family and food we went the extra miles for.
Today,Sunday, we may take it a little slower and see what the extra mile brings.

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