Tuesday, August 3, 2010

We're being watched

While we walked yesterday from Dixfield to Carthage I saw a large bird through the trees then noticed the bird flying ahead along the treeline along the road. The birds up here are few compared with the lower states and to see a bird of prey is a treat. I have collected a feather or two along my way, usually at some interesting juncture on our path. Today we walked to the edge of Farmington to the Walmart where we were met by a couple who talked with us and offered a ride and good conversation. As I stopped and took off my pack for the niht there lay a small feather at my feet. Good stuff I say! This afternoon a shadow crossed from above once and then again. Moments later the Falcon passed low above me so close I could see his eyes watching me, he then swung around above the boy and the dog who were lagging behind. Could it be the same one as yesterday?
We were approached also by a Jay, a policeman from Jay he thanked us for walking to promote fitness to control and prevent diabetes. Good stuff I say! I have met several police officers and even a chief of police who serve their communities well despite diabetes. Young or old, whatever type of diabetes, exercise is vey helpful to control your levels. For those who can prevent the disease with fitness, walking may be a start. A woman came to us today who had bEen trying to get a picture for days and finally got her chance to stop and get a good one, no drive by shooting this time. She'd checked us out online also and knew our tale. She said she was not a stalker. I believe her. Even if she had read every entry on my blog from the beginning.
I need to rest. I totally lost my closing thought, so you can fill in the blank __________________________________________________________________________________________ good people of Maine.

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Anonymous said...

Hey... You lost your thoughts and I know why. I'm Volvo owner near Dutch Treat.

I hope this finds you both well - if you want I can leave an email address and what not (assuming you respond, I will do my best to check back ASAP) and I can further assist your appreciation for the beauty the State of Maine has to offer.

I hope that you and your son had an enjoyable trek through Farmington and that you managed to get out of the rain.

It's nearly four in the morning so I will lower the risk of typing embarrassing or drunken (they may well be the same) gibberish and end this missive with this:

Take what you will with you, as anything you can take with you was yours to have -- simply for the asking.

Those are not words of wisdom - they're words of gibberish told to me by those inclined to share a minute during my own travels. I wish you both well.