Friday, July 15, 2011

The Bluff and the Apple Tree

And then there are days where the goals are not met, where what I say I would get accomplished falls short of the mark but the day couldn't be more sweet... I didn't get to the place I thought I would, not because the wind forced me back, the sun and heat was intolerable or the World needed repair. It was the people I met and talked to on the phone as the day wore on. I had walked to he top of a rise and found a tree to rest for a moment while I spoke with a woman on the phone of my travels and then with the husband and wife who owned the tree. Time did not matter when I was asked to stop in at the house by the bluff. The couple there thwarted my every excuse to press on for the rest of the day. I am waking in their yard this morning, a beautiful yard beneath the cliff and pines inhabited with three species of squirrel and dozens of birds that spend all day around the splendid flower and rock garden.
I will make no excuse or even describe more because, as I said, the day was really really sweet.


Anonymous said...

World Guy my son and I just started reading ur blog since we passed u leaving Montello. If I would of had time, but taking my son to the army reserve center for pt. He is leaving for boot camp August 2. But I just wanted u to know we both admirer what u are doing thank you :-) because we have several family members that have diabetes :-( please keep going!!!

Eva Marie said...

Here's the link to the video I took of you this evening - Here you're speaking to the guests at Woodside Ranch in rural Mauston - Juneau County, WI