Monday, July 4, 2011

Walking The Plank...

The beautiful and cool Wisconsin morning quickly turned to a hot, cloudless almost miserable day. Nice (the dog), as always, kept us making stops at every shady spot. He even found the one muddy puddle next to a field of grain and came out smelling like a barn until he dried in the sun. If he would figure out diving in muck draws the flies he might think twice the next time he goes by a slime hole. A dogs life on the road is full of tempting sights and smells and I can't fault him for it. We walked a much shorter distance than yesterday but have found ourselves at a great spot that will likely be far from the Forth of July fireworks which bother Nice.
We have traveled these two days mostly walking on the "old plank trail" and at it's end is the tiny town of Greenbush and the road I guess the trail was named after. I had been told by some that Greenbush would be a good place to end the day. We walked half way into town when we met a family who live on Plank Road. After talking a bit they offered us a ride back to the purple support van that we had left at Plymouths Wal-Mart. When I got there I stocked up on water and gatorade as well as a little dinner. Opon returning we walked the rest of the way down "The Plank" into town. The town was empty and I saw no place to stay for the night so I rolled back to where the van was at the nice families' home and took it to the trail head and its parking area where I fortunately met the Sheboygan County Police officer and told her of my situation and would be there for tonight. She said she would pass my information on so I will have no problems staying here. So I wouldn't have to walk the plank again the good man. Shuttled the World the quarter mile back to the trail head and the van.
Now I am hoping to get a little paint on the World to keep a tread surface rather than a thread bare patchwork of canvas. All in all we have had a good day, even with the heat. I will get used to it soon enough and will use the shade wherever Nice finds it.
Have a Happy and safe "Forth".

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Just drove past you on 23 between plymouth and fond du lac