Monday, July 18, 2011

drizzle by the roadside

We have walked about a mile from Hillsboro and my clothes are already soaked from sweat.. When I left this morning the sun was breaking the clouds and the moon was still high in the sky. Now the thunder rumbles and the grey sky occasionally flashes white with the viens of lightening. We sit by a line of trees that shelter us from the hard drizzle, it soaked the road within minutes of our sitting down. While walking out of Hillsboro I stopped at the quik mart for an apple and a banana. I think at least I should try to eat good food when I can. There a woman approached who was diabetic, she asked if she could give me a donation. I said she could but I would like for her to go for a walk to help herself. She sad she would and that that was the hardest thing for her to do. She came out and gave me the change from her breakfast sandwich of bacon egg and cheese. I didn't try to suggest to her a healthier choice and made my way out of town. The only other person to stop this early Monday morning was a man who lost a relative two weeks ago to diabetes. I know about the theory of the law of attraction, this is a bit much. I'm pushing for a World wide movement.
Go for a walk.
The love yourself movement. Love yourself with movement.

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