Friday, July 22, 2011

It hurts sometimes.

Even now, decades after, I get blind-sided by a conversation. A man walked around the side of quik-mart for his morning coffee. I was just walking away as he asked me about the World. As I do sometimes I mentioned my mothers death to complications and how we could all use a nice walk with the one(s) we Love. He told me he had lost his mother who was diabetic to stroke. As I shook his hand with both of mine he said she passed just two days ago. We looked each other in the blacks of our eyes for a silent moment, an eternity, and said goodbye. Trying to hold it together I didn't make it to the edge of the parking lot before I had to "buck-up" and talk to a group of health care workers with a local newspaper I signed. Still...It hurts.
It's time to get moving. Walking with dog and planet.

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