Friday, July 29, 2011

Quick, before it's too late!

Yesterday we walked from Brownsville thru La Crescent to Dresbach or dresbeck where we came up to Pete's Bar just as it began to rain. Today I slept late until almost seven. Then after shaving and sitting my things out in the sun to dry,repacking my pack, etc. I was still within sight of the van when I got a call from a Marathon runner/ type1 diabetic who interviewed me for her organizations blog and twitter feed. Being all about activity as a runner she totally agreed with my message of being active to help maintain diabetes, also to prevent its onset. At the same time the nice woman who had helped me to get the van the night before came and brought me food and other gifts for the day. I then walked a small train bridge to go around a bridge under reconstruction and began the walk on highway 61 which will lead me to Winona. I made it to The River Road bar, it was the one and only place to stop. The owner was nice enough to let me stay and after we got the van moved up I spent a couple hours repainting some of the World, the rain of the past two days rinsed off the fresh paints of the Iowa patch session.
I wanted to write quick for an update. I will continue later, I am falling asleep. Goodnight Minnesota!

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Anonymous said...

Erik, it was good to have supper at Subway with you and my wife Thursday evening in La Crescent. Enjoyed the conversation.

I did a post about you on my blog yesterday.

Good luck!

Bob Yerhot