Friday, July 15, 2011

A sign of the times?

I walked today under mostly overcast skies and a cross breeze which allowed for good sailing to the Wisconsin River Bridge. As luck would have it the man from the fueland market at "13" had said to call when I got to the bridge and he'd bring his flatbed truck to help me over the narrow bridge. Yes, it is a span I could have made my way over but I would have slowed or stopped the speeding traffic by crowding the lane for a matter of pride, not necessity. The mans' daughter was happy to sit next to Nice (the dog) in the cab as I held onto the World over the bridge. Some miles later as Nice showed his first signs of foot fatigue (his first day without the dreaded dog boot to protect his sore paw) we came upon the oldest and largest "Dude Ranch in the state of Wisconsin. It worked out that I was able to get a spot to stay overnight by the barns and the management offered me dinner in exchange for a talk to the guests afterwards, I accepted. I was well received and a reporter from town was there to record what I said, I spoke for a few minutes and didn't stutter. I choked back an emotional tale about the loss of a parent to diabetes instead ending with the simple point to Love yourself by walking and love the ones you love, by walking with them. Maybe by doing that now they might walk with those loved ones for a long time as a result. My sign, "Will talk for food".
I was shuttled back to "the bluff" before dinner by one of the hands at "the ranch" before supper and had said my long goodbye to the sweet people from the previous day so when the light drizzle rolled in at dark we were already asleep in the van. Now after two hours of sleep I have awakened to share this update from my real life "frontierville". Take that Facebook!

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Eva Marie said...

As a fellow cause activated person, I was more than happy to be the reporter who video taped your words - it's a message that needs to be heard - that World you roll along with you is not your only voice!! Good luck on your venture I want NICE!!! LOL

Look to my personal blog later this evening...I tend to be big mouth and will help spread your mission in a post -