Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I liked it so much...

Getting up at four thirty I thought I would get going sooner than I did bit by the time I gathered everything together and made my way out of Lansing it was almost six thirty. With the wide bike lane and slight traffic I made good time. The dismal heat of lastweek did help. By getting us used to the "normal" heat. We got to New Albin in gret time just before the heat of the day. The townsfolk had been monitoring my progress. When I arrived the good people of the bank helpe me the rest of the day. I had tine to do a little maintenance on our World with a patch and some paint. I talked to the village children as I worked over the spots I had repaired. I prepared my backpack for the morning as I fielded questions and let Nice(the dog) dig for frogs. I had wanted to write more and I am just now alone in the van with fourteen miles to the next destination , I will be able to get to Minnesota very quickly as it is five or six blocks from the border.
I can hardly keep my eyes open... Goodnight Iowa!


Anonymous said...

It was really good too meet you! Have a good night sleep!

Ollie said...

Keep it up World guy! My sister said she got to hang with you for a while tonight, and that my dog got to play with yours. Thanks for taking the time to share with the kids of New Albin!

Anonymous said...

Very nice to see you come through New Albin! Good Luck on your adventure! I hope the best for you!

Anonymous said...

Great meeting you on Thursday on your through Brownsville, MN. Best of luck in your travels with Nice, your dog and spreading your positive message about diabetes.

Here is the published video clip of Erik through our area:

Safe travels,

Naomi Harm