Wednesday, July 6, 2011

"it looks so easy"

That's what she said, the mother who stopped to get a picture for her adventurous daughter who is volunteering in a far off land, as she held the World by a string so I could snap a shot with her camera. The wind pulled her back as she posed and we talked of our children and the culture of traveling youths these days. My progress was slow and determined all day against the west wind. There was no tacking like a sailboat, the wind and waves of gust had me working new blisters on my feet, just another part of the toughening process. I remind myself to keep moving forward but not to battle the bluster, waiting for a moment of relative calm when I can roll forward with the ease the woman spoke of.
When I arrived in Sheboygan on the holiday weekend I visited two fire stations to ask for a patch as proof I had began there. I had no luck, they were locked in the commanders cabinet and though the fireman in charge took my phone number and said he would get one to me I had resolved to myself I would have no emblem from Sheboygan and began my walk west. Things worked out and I am staying outside the home of a retired firefighter from the neighboring Fond De Lac who gave me one he had received from a friend. He gave me a patch from his district and a pleasant evening of good conversation with he and his lovely wife. Better than the patch was the can of feed he gave me to throw to the exotic fish as I relaxed on their bridge he had built across the pond,priceless memories. Well worth dancing against the wind.
I received a message from a woman who had lost a parent , as I have, from diabetes when she was very young. I was touched and thankful for messages and calls I receive. I still think I am doing a small part to keep the cause in the open. It is the research and care of professionals that deserve the praise, and support.
When I began "thumbing" this little post the sky was just beginning to turn light and now I should get ready for the day, the sunrise and the wind.


Traci said...

Dear Erik & Nice ~ It was *such* an honor to have the opportunity to meet you today in Fond du Lac & shake your hand! Peace, Love & Light on your incredible Journey. You are two of Earth's Angels, for sure! :)

Anonymous said...

Thank You for allowing my children to get a picture with you. They have been talking about you since. Diabetes runs in my family, its nice to see someone showing an effort to make people aware. God Bless you during you journey! -The Schmitz Family, Fond du lac, Wisconsin

Angela said...

Hey I saw you today as you were passing by my house on HWY 23 right around the time a white car with two ppl stopped you, I am assuming they were some news ppl. Anyways, I think it is really cool what you are doing. My Grandma had diabetes, too. May God bless you on your journey.