Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Passing thru Montello and Packwaukee

Leaving the dairy farm early I closed the van with scores of flies bouncing around in the van. At the end of the day when I returned with our ride from the truck stop they were still buzzing away. I'll take flies over mosquitoes any day. The skies were overcast most of the day, the skies became clear only for the last hour of light and I fell asleep directly. Both Nice (the dog) and I were foot-sore from walking everyday since the third of July from Sheboygan. Even though it was cooler than it had been since we began and the wind was favorable I was "long in the tooth" in talking with all the folks we met during the eleven miles we traveled. One mile per hour was the speed we walked in the end. Montello was a picturesque little town with church steeples and waterfalls flowing beneath the watertower. I took many pictures as we passed along thru town. The scenery of the Packwaukee area was beautiful also,the sweet smells of the growing fields and the eighteen wheelers loaded with the string bean harvest filled my nose. I am glad we are walking in the "dairyland" in the growing season, everyday the corn grows taller and the wheat waves in the breeze.
Still I meet too many diabetics, far more tell of their children and family who have been living with diabetes. I hope soon some researcher will hit the jackpot with breakthrough and cure. So take your lottery dollars and give some to the organization of your choice, we could all win big from that gamble.
We have five or six miles to go to get to Oxford, hopefully a short day. I am told the distance to the next town could take days so a short day is welcome.
Take some time today and walk wit your buddy, your loved one, your parent. It can bring you closer and may ensur you walk alongside them for days to come.
Enjoy the sunny day!

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Anonymous said...

I saw you and Nice as I pulled off the interstate heading home to Montello...of course my curiousity was sparked, thanks for sharing and what a fantastic way to bring awareness to diabetes!