Monday, July 11, 2011

The "Nice" Factor.

And then there's days when Nice wants to rest. Yesterday we walked on fresh concrete for awhile and he is favoring his left front paw. I put a shoe on this morning but he didn't go for it. Now as he sleeps in some shade miles from any town I have wrapped his paw in a scrape of canvas that will breath. I feel bad I led onto fresh concrete like I did, I won't do that again! On the other hand, it is a great spot his has led us to. The old fence post feels like a cushion, it bounces suspended from the rusty barbed wire. The tall pine grove edged with oaks shade our outdoor entertainment center.
It is time to adjust the remote and get my shoulder against the wind again...


Naomi said...

Thank you for what you are doing. i missed you in Princeton today. I had hoped to say hi and walk with you. I want you to know, there are many of us that are walking with you and we thank you for what you are doing. God Speed Erik.

Anonymous said...

beeped at ya as you were heading toward Montello and my sister said she stopped and talked to you earlier today.

My son and I are planning a cross country bicycle ride. won't be for awhile but we're gonna do it.

keep on rollin man ;)