Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Santy'Claus and the Sand Crib

The ten miles from the mill at White city was down hill most of the way to La Farge. Usually on hot days we begin to dive for shade breaks after eleven or noon. I was rolling double speed to beat the heat and stiff humidity, by nine thirty the shade was necessary. Nice (the dog) had the advantage of streams and drainage culverts to splash in, I had only the comfort of my sweat soaked clothes. The morning dew had my boots shining with water and the wet grass had not evaporated even as we made it to town around noon. I had been offered to come and rest at the International Tire Store when we got to town but we had to cool in the shaded garden at the edge of town first. No wind and clear sun in the record heat and humidity gave no relief. We finally made our way the few blocks to the office of the tire store where Nice (the dog) lay down on the cool floor while I talked to the owner, he resembles Saint Nick with his beard and round belly.(Wisconsin, where Santa spends the summer).Even Santa is watching his weight, he (Earl) told me he had lost fifty pounds and was working to lose more. His buddy was there whose white hair and silver teeth reminded me of the abominable snow man from Rudolf the red-nosed reindeer after Dennis the misfit elf fitted him with dentures. Soon Santa' whisked me to the van, but first insisted I let him get me a room at the inn. I accepted the offer and slept in ice cold comfort for the first time in months,like sleeping at the South Pole, thanks to Santa, "The Earl of La Farge". Not before having a late lunch and a t-shirt from The Sisters,and later tacos from the traveling barn board dealers. As towns go, with their logos on the sign coming into town go, theirs saying "Welcome Home", La Farge hit the mark.
When I got up this morning I new I had a hill to climb. Today the heat was predicted to be the most intense of this heat wave. With help from town I got the several miles to the Webster town hall and municipal area early to just'plain' sit this one out. The hill was 'no slouch' and with the heat rolling in even earlier than yesterday I was soaked from head to ankle but had stayed out of the dew soaked grass enough to keep my feet dry. Now, with the van backed into the sand crib, a pleasant day learning about the townsfolk and having had lunch at the cafeteria at La Farges' own Organic Valley, the largest co-op in the nation, with several who I met, and were helped by today, We are waiting for the afternoon heat. Nice(the dog) is sleeping and has been all day.
Okay, I'm just going to stop writing and not go into how many tales of diabetes I have heard of today. Love yourself, walk, eat good food.

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Anonymous said...

Was wondering who you would meet when you came to town... Earl is much like Santa - always a giving heart.