Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Clean Slate

I sent the post and roused the dog. He was not to keen about getting up from the nap. We walked into the sun toward the fish fry. The man had told me the name of the gravel road but half way there I thought it best to check again. Pulling out my phone from it's case it was burning hot and the screen was black. Not a good sign... Just moments later the man who invited me to his home pulled up to check on us. Since we had a short way to go when he asked if I needed anything I asked him to take Nice (the dog), he was happy to do it and Nice was up in the truck. We had walked a good ten miles and I don't mind a little help when the time is right. As I walked on a couple stopped to talk. They were working to change the World promoting healthy and sustainable food sources. They gave me a jar of tea from the leaves of a weed I pass often as I walk the highways of America. Well, not in Florida, sharp things grow there. I knew the flowers of this particular plant were edible, rich in vitamin C, but did not know to make tea with it. It was tangy and slightly bitter yet it did give me a boost. The husband related to me that he had been diabetic some years ago and had turned his condition around with diet and exercise. A success story! Not the first of the sunny day. That morning a farmer told me he had lost a good amount of weight, walked his dogs and increased his activity resulting in him being diabetes free. This day of walking began and ended with welcome good stories.
When I made it to the gravel road I talked with the family at the corner who knew my host, the father gave me and the World a ride on the tractor down to his house; me on the step as we talked and the world bouncing and cradled on the hay bail forks. I wanted to get a picture, the phone was dead...
Nice (the dog) was getting along well at the fish fry. After he got used to all the people around his World he relaxed and lay at our feet. He got along well with the other dogs there also. By the end of the long night all the dogs were napping as the adults ate fish and fixins'. I may have a time of it when we leave in the morning because Nice likes it so much here. He was on the porch and the yard all day as my host(and friend) took me to "the big city" to see about the phone.
Unfortunately the phone was cooked after hanging from a string around my neck for well over 1300 miles. all the numbers of people I have met in dozens of states from North to south and parts between are gone. Anyone who wants to hear from me now need to call me to renew the
connection because...

I have a clean slate.

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