Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Getting wet and Change

It wasn't long after we left Ripon when the rain began. The umbrella the married couple gave us was appreciated and hard to use while moving the World, walking the dog and walking against the wind all at the same time. It added to the already odd image as it stuck out from the top of the backpack, I'll use it someday and remember their faces when I open it. The freshly bleached clean shirt I wore was stained from the dye of my hat and the bleed thru from my belt at the end of the day when I changed into a dry shirt. When the clouds finally gave way to he late day sun I had to stop and air out my shriveled feet, change my socks, rub my feet with Bag Balm, apply sunscreen. Putting my wet shoes back on was my only option. The next morning when I left the home of the people who gave me the helping hand of hospitality I was hesitant because of looming clouds but I took a chance that paid off with a sunny and windy day to the end. I have changed how I act when the wind blows the World against me by having patience, holding fast until I can move forward. I get further faster in working with the winds. Sounds almost philosophical eh?
I didn't make it all the way to the next town past Princeton but did walk my average ten miles and walked around a cornfield to the farmhouse where we stayed for the night. Town will have to wait till morning.
Have a great day Wisconsin!


3T3RN1TY said...

We just passed you on hwy 23 and as I see you walking with a pack on ur back a leash in you hang and the world by your side and I think to myself do I take the things that life gives me for granted. Like this car im riding in or these clothes on my back? I don't exactly know why you are doing what you are doing but I support you all the way.

P.s. heroes do come in all shapes and sizes. Stay strong

Anonymous said...

I love your dog. I would like to know why you named your dog Nice. Is it because she is nice? I am 7 and would love to go on long walks with my dog, too.