Saturday, August 27, 2011

the acorn...

I have a great amount of time to reflect as I wonder. With my son last year we walked hundreds of miles together. On occasion I would see something and realize a nugget of wisdom, an acorn of truth for me. I would share them with my boy. Like many children he seemed not to appeciate my sharing, he was too busy between his temples. A few months ago he made a mistake and came close to dying. While he healed in the hospital he apologized for his indifference and told me of some of the sights and things I had said that he now saw as true. Today as I walked along 371 outside of Pine Falls I saw an acorn by the shoulder of the road and was brought back to a kernel I shared with my boy . Like the seed, pines renew by fire. I found solace that in my sons personal fire, by his near destruction that acorn I had planted in him seasons before took root.
With luck a tree will grow.

Love yourself, say"I love myself.". Grow from your personal fires.
Back to the long road...

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