Sunday, August 7, 2011


Friday afternoon I came into the city of Red Wing a little tired after walking more than I should. I have walked more in a day and I knew that I would be fatigued on Saturday. I was getting close to downtown and stopped under the shade of some trees by Highway 61 to change my socks. Keeping my feet in good shape is a high priority. A man appeared from his home with a bottle of cold water and after talking to him of the best route into town he let me cross to the street in front of his house lined with sidewalks and homes that led into the downtown area. I soon met a woman and two of her friends. I was headed for the Red Wing Boots store and museum. I wear Vasque hiking boots, a division of Red Wing, on these walks and thanks to a woman I met while walking in Maryland who contacted Red Wing, have supplied me several pairs of my favorite style. Since I was walking in Red Wing I wanted to see the worlds largest boot and buy an extra pair. The woman and her two friends told me about her recently deceased husband. He had worked for decades for the company. Red wing, in appreciation of his dedicated service, honored him at his funeral and paid his wife's medical insurance premium for five years. She was the recipient of the caring gift and still she said to me, " Who does that?, really, these days who does that?" Who?

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