Wednesday, August 17, 2011


On our way to Becker I stopped and talked to a man who had a family member who was hospitalized from diabetes. We were standing in a well groomed drive to a field when a state trooper pulled up, he quickly asked what I was doing. As I turned to answer him I let go of the Worlds string, it began to roll down into the ditch. The trooper told me to keep hold of it so I walked into the ditch, he didn't want it blowing out in the roadway. A gravitational impossibility. It seems that someone had called to report a distraction and if he continues to get calls, continue to be a distraction on his highway, "We will have to do something else.". Two minutes after he pulled off, the man who I was talking to drove away and I received a call from a woman who had a sister with type-1 diabetes; she had been diabetic for many decades. The woman had called to thank me for walking and told me I had caused their family to talk about diabetes. She thanked me for the "pleasant distraction... Tomatoes, tomatoes.

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Anonymous said...

saw you in becker think its great what ur doing