Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Not that much...

People tell me what I am doing is such a good thing, I'm grateful for the enthusiasm. What I hope to do is get some to see that exercise of some kind can make difference in their well being. It might take awhile to see a difference. For some time it may hurt to pull your creaking bones out of the shed and shake off the cobwebs. I have walked, during this walk, from lake Michigan to the Mississippi, from Iowa to the twin Cities and am closing in on the headwaters of the "big muddy". I still ache when I get going some mornings. I am more stiff when I lay around and do nothing. I can't just go for a spin, buff the chrome on my hubcaps, pat my seat cushions of the dust and call it done Like a car kept in storage for later, when you have time, rusts into place, the tires get soft, you need to rock it back and forth to free the wheels from the place they have settle in. My wheels are still rusty, my chassis bent from head on collisions and running up on curbs while eating ice cream cones when I should have looked at the road ahead. I'm not waiting for the demolition man to come or the mechanic to offer to replace the bearings. Every day I walk the old tires roll a little better. I get accustomed to the flat spot on the tires as my old hulk thumps along to another day when I turn the key and break the old hulk out to start again. Compared to what you can do, my little stroll is... not that much.

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