Saturday, August 6, 2011

Kellogg to Lake City

I got a nap when I got settled by the city park at Kellogg. The towns manager let me plug in my fan from the socket at the pavilion and the slight breeze was all it took for me to fall asleep. I was still getting used to my new early schedule and my brain hadn't caught up. The people at "Stubs" were more than helpful giving Nice (the dog) a dinner of leftover meat scraps and a take home bag of cooked hot dogs. (Most of them he carried back to the van in his belly. It was Two days walk to Lake City so I quickly made it to the camping "resort" and relaxed for awhile awaiting my helpful ride from "T" at Stubs. Between her and the town manager they knew everyone and most everything worth knowing. "Small town America" run by the women as it should be whether the men like it or know it. After enduring the heat of the day in some shade I repainted some worn areas of the World late in the day and got to sleep as soon as it was cool enough to tolerate. The next morning I made my way to Lake City just in time to meet the man who arranged for us to stay behind the VFW post, he took me to get the van and I was able to spend the aftErnoon getting a large necessary patch to the World and get a can of paint to keep the canvas world from wearing away. Though the hue of the paint match is several shades off color (and purple) it will do for now.
Fully acclimated to my early walking schedule I was off and rolling at four A.M.. I have been keeping the distance below fifteen mile per day so I don't distress the dog. My achilles tendon and old bones don't hold up well shouldering the weight of my backpack, dog, and World much farther so I keep it at ten to twelve miles per day. The problem is that on my new schedule to beat the heat and sun of summer I feel fresh when I get to the next good place to rest for the day. After I left Lake City it was either a very short day to the next whisper of a town or a very long walk into Red Wing. I chose to go on to Red Wing, which leads us up to the next post...

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