Tuesday, August 16, 2011

dawn to dusk

When I got up this morning I realized that the corner of the parking lot I thought was so nice and cozy when I pulled in looked so lush and sweet because it had a non-potable -irrigation-system that misted into the vans open windows. The carpet was already stale from the water cooler spilling. All the years of little spills and accidental "bump and drops"brought alive with a few gallons of water. The World had been irrigated also and at the end of our days walk I saw the effects of my inattention. I gathered my things and "gimped" over to throw some trash in the receptacle by the door of the YMCA, and also loosen the sore feet from the previous days walk, put some air into the world and mad my way to the corner store to wait for daylight. Once we got going we were up on the highway with the wide shoulder and the long lines. There wasn't much shade late in the morning so when the opportunity for shade comes we usually take it. We walked the miles to Big Lake in good time despite our breaks and were given a great spot for the night by the cafe. When I returned and rolled the world over I saw where the irrigation system had washed out a large portion of the huge patchwork I had from 'the catastrophic tear of Fond De Lac'. The layers of fabric were still damp even after a day in the sun. The sky was clouding, the air felt like rain was coming. I did the best I could to clean and fold back the large section of patch and brush out the tiny fragments of paint the irrigator had loosened. I had to cut the huge patch twice to relay it. The gap from the original tear was now several inches. The pressures on the world have stretched and pulled its fabric apart. No amount of glue and paint can put the world right, I did it anyway. If I don't know it can't be done, don't tell me and I find a way. I had just enough time to make the hasty repair and have it dry for and hour before the rain came. I had a small tarp I draped over the World but after the rain I saw it was too old too and leaked through to soak the fabric. The glue and patch held when I filled it lightly with air pressure. I have the ball propped so the patch remains up. I will try to be as prepared for heavy duty patch on the road tomorrow.
Walk if you like all your parts to remain glued together, fall apart from staying in one place. ( I'm groping with that one)
Love your self, go for a walk.

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Steph Earley said...

I saw you chasing your ball down hwy 10 yesterday morning and I have to say it was the highlight of my day. Our office is in Becker and we were all searching to find out why you were walking. I'm glad I found your blog. What a worthy cause.