Monday, August 22, 2011

The reboot

It wasn't long after I posted the previous ramble when I looked up and a red pickup stopped along the shoulder. I waved at the occupant, he waved back. I saw he was talking on a radio and that he was law enforcement. When he got out with a smile and walked over, we laughed about the Sunday drivers slowing to "gauke" at the world. Soon after consulting with the State Police we stopped the traffic so I could cross to the opposite side. This was not to hard as the bumper to bumper highway was only going fifteen miles per hour. Once to the north west side the flow did not resume the sixty five MPH so I rolled to the ATV path some distance from the road. Still the opposing lane slowed to a crawl. Some honked and cheered me on while others had less complimentary epithets. Finally I was able to roll behind a line of pines on the far side of the power lines and after fifteen minutes the traffic reset and when I reappeared the cars, trucks and trailers stayed up to speed. When I got to town the Chief of police who had saved me from my situation rolled by and gave me "the sign" and a smile. We successfully re-booted the highway.
Today when I left Royalton I took a back road for several miles before getting back on 10 walking an extra mile to assure the morning commuters their "Minnesota nice" ride to work, orderly and normal. A trooper stopped and we talked about my days route and my goal of Little Falls today. He wished me luck and complimented the effort as we parted ways. Tomorrow is forecast to be hot and muggy so I hope to walk early to avoid some of the heat. I have the right side of the long white line, you have the left. How often do you stray of onto the shoulder, really?
Walk with me, start a movement in your town.

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