Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Meisville to the Mississippi Bridge, Hastings.

I rose at three A.M. to clear skies and had a treat of a shooting star. The winds of yesterday had passed so when I left before dawn I had no troubles. I took the advice of my GPS (good people support) who suggested I take the short cut that shaved two miles off of the distance to Hastings. The road was very straight and after a bit of walking in starlight and the glow of the city on my left the sun slowly began to color the sky to my right. For a few moments the bright city and nature shown equally on either side of the long road. It was the sun that won out and soon painted the sky with the full spectrum of shadings. Awe inspiring.
Turning onto the main road to hastings the shoulder allowed us to walk without diving into the tall grass, not that the two dozen cars that passed in the early morning hours caused much turmoil. We were quickly in Hastings where I met a man who offered his help and space to park for the night. This new "farmer" schedule is working well and getting settled early in the afternoon keeps us from walking from shade to shade; good for both me and the dog.
We are just blocks from the bridge and an early start will keep us safe when we cross.
If you are making the excuse that it is too hot to walk I suggest the early stroll for your health.
Love yourself and go for a walk.

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