Saturday, August 27, 2011

Bob, "The Bobber", and the Big Bunyon.

Moving ahead to Piquot we stayed outside the DQ next to the bait/gas/laundry. I piled out of the van as it got light in sight of the water tower/big bobber, the signature of the town. Right away I had a conversation with Bob over coffee. Just as we were ready to head out we were invited to breakfast just up the road where the statue of Minnesota's own Paul Bunyon. Walking out of Piquot I was greeted by Mayor Nancy as well as many others. At breakfast two miles up the highway I had a pleasant surprise seeing a sign with the saying "Love Yourself, go for a walk." And had an interview with the local newspaper. Nice (the dog) didn't like the twelve foot lumberjack and tried to bite his bunyons, Paul stood fast with no reaction until we walked away. The day was beautiful day as we walked to Pine Falls. The wind blew hard making it a slow stroll. When my World is pushing hard against me if I relax I make better progress. Fighting just beats me up. When the wind slows my roll I somehow appreciate those who I meet, thinking I may not have met those folks had I been farther up the road. As I prodded by a store a woman stopped us and insisted on getting us a snack. She lives by Lake Itasca and had some advice for our path. At an intersection we met a man and his daughter. Had we not been slowed by the winds we'd have passed and not enjoyed our meeting. We would have not met Mr.Love and his wife...
Getting to Pine Falls late in the day I was able to observe the bustle o the small town on a Friday evening. I had dinner at the Legion Hall and spoke with several who had seen us and followed our progress. Maybe someday I will have something interesting so write. Until then I will keep pecking on the Blackberry keyboard.
Love the ones in your world by walking with them and...have a nice day.

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