Thursday, August 18, 2011

From Water tower to water tower.

The road has opened up and this morning just as the tower at Becker faded the water tower in Clear Lake crept around the trees. It took hours to get to it but it did give me spot to concentrate on. I know this isn't flat like I will experience later in the year but, like I said, it is opening...
Today was a short day, we will walk to the outskirts of Saint Cloud tomorrow. When we had made our way to Clear Lake a woman and her son pulled up to talk. She offered for us to park by the silos where we have been moving our perch occasionally to stay in the shade. The Clear Lake Grain Elevator Co-op also sells pet supplies and I was able to get Nice (the dog) a flea and tick treatment. The Co-op gave us a huge bag of high protein food for active dogs, Nice loves it and I am glad to make room for the large bag in the supply van. This must be what they call "Minnesota Nice".
It's been a good day swatting at flies while the freight trains blast their horns forty feet from us. I can sleep right through the blasts. I hope the hens of route 10 aren't driving before dawn, I'd like to get an early start to Saint Cloud.
Have a great day everybody!


irishgall said...

Yes, Minnesotans are very kind and helpful citizens

Anonymous said...

got to have the pleasure of meeting you today after i chased you down the HWY 10! haha i told everybody at the travelcenter/rest stop that you were on the road today! wish i cold have given you more tho! happy trails!

-Karina Kern

Kurt Hughes said...

I saw you this morning as I was driving down Highway 10. At first I was like, what the hell is that clown doing???!!! When I saw some writing on your globe I then realized you did have some sort of rhyme or reason to why you were walking a dog, down the highway all while pushing a huge globe. I couldn't make out the writing so I still had no clue as to why. I was going to make note of it so I would remember to check it out later but just then I received a phone call from my work and I quickly began concentrating on something else.
When I got home the neighbor kid was wearing a T-shirt with a globe on it. This reminded me of something. So I googled, "Man pushing giant globe" and up popped your story. Then I found your website. My family has been deeply affected by diabetes. My Grandma went blind from it before her death. One of my uncles lost both legs, went blind and died from complications due to his diabetes. My father had it as well and I am sure didn't help matters when he had heart surgery, he died during surgery. My mother has it and so does my oldest brother.
I wish I would have known what you were up to. I would have stopped and who knows what. Talked with you? Helped out in any way I could? I just wish I was aware of what you were walking for. I wish there was a way to make more people aware of what you are doing here. I live in Saint Cloud MN. Don't know where your going next but I bid you good luck on your journey. YOU are making a difference and for this I thank you.