Sunday, August 28, 2011

What a difference two hundred miles makes.

The night I got a ride back to the Purple van to Newport the man who gave me a ride asked if he could share a pizza with me so we were sitting behind the van with the 'Za on my cooler, my host on my water cooler and I on a bucket when a man rolled up and asked if we were having a tailgate party as the Vikings were practicing somewhere nearby. By the time we parted it was almost dark and I had an invitation to stay at the man's home if I happened to pass by his town. That evening when I returned to Saint Paul I found that someone had stuck the World with a knife. I had to make a repair in the dark at the edge of SP's getto in the parking lot adjoining Walmart. A fine neighborhood! Yesterday as I walked away from Pine LAKE a man stopped and walked over to me. After a moment I recognized his face but it took me awhile to remember where I had met him. True to his word by the end of the day we were at his home by the lake on his property and I was enjoying the playful back and forth between him and his lovely wife. Bickering, foreplay for a couple who have been married since the stone ages and will stay united forever. A Joy to watch, and instigate. Today I made my way to Hackensack, spent the afternoon repainting the World and then walked Nice(the dog) and left the van unlocked with the keys in the ignition, the World unattended and returned an hour later to find all I had undisturbed. Also, a fine neighborhood.


Anonymous said...

I hope you got to see the 30 foot statue of Lucette, Paul Bunyan's Girlfriend, in Hackensack, MN. She is two blocks from 371, on Lake Ave, right by Birch lake in downtown Hackensack.

TK said...

That's our wonderful small town. :D thank you for what you do and all the people it will help. Many people in Hackensack we quite interested and all are supporting you. Safe travels!

Anonymous said...

Passed you on the road on your way to Hackensack. Safe journeys