Friday, August 12, 2011

Bridge running and Sprinkles

At this time yesterday I had been up for two hours, crossed over the busy bridge across the Mississippi in the dark to avoid traffic, walked up a hill to The Point (a restaurant) for a cup of coffee. With the socializing and the sunshine we made our way thru Newport after twelve hours. When we got the supply van to the Newport Center mall where I has permission to sleep for the night I found a shaded spot next to some trees. Nice (the dog) fell asleep in the weeds and didn't move for hours. I too drifted off despite the heat. When I woke up just before dark Nice was laying next to me in the van. I moved my things from his chair/bed so he could be comfortable and flipped my pillow, sprayed on some bug spray and lay my head on the dry side. I slept late getting up at three thirty. It just began to sprinkle. I'm sure I won't be rained out and have to stay here all day but it is enough excuse to wait until it gets light before getting closer to St.Paul. I know I'm close because when I walked over a pedestrian bridge over from Newport's Old Main Street I could see the tall buildings in the distance.
Thanks to my GPS,good people support,who gave me direction thru this maze of highways.
Keep walking and have a great day!


Anonymous said...

Wow I just saw you walking and instantly thought crazed man but you are now the highlight of my week, thank you.
Sincerely, Froman V

Anonymous said...

It was a pleasure to meet you this afternoon in St. Paul. I hope that University Avenue wasn't too bad, or that you found an alternate route.

Anonymous said...

I'm the bicyclist you met in St. Paul Park. It was really nice talking to you. I was so compelled to talk to you when I saw that huge globe. I'm glad I could help with directions. Best of luck to you and safe travels!