Monday, August 15, 2011

Midnight at Anoka

What better time to note that it took and act of congress to give Anoka the distinction of Halloween Capitol of the World. It's not so scary as Saint Paul on a Friday night outside of Walmart. Not as frightening as the fact that the first person I spoke to this morning lost his father to a diabetic coma brought on by alcohol abuse, or the pain on the sons' face from loosing his parent decades earlier.


Anonymous said...

Erik - It was good to talk to you yesterday, right by Allina Clinic in Coon Rapids MN. You were on Highway 10, by Tires Plus, and the giant ten foot inflated tire was making your dog crazy. I wish you the best, Erik. - Steve

Anonymous said...

saw you this morning on highway 10 and had to google you. Keep up the good work, you certainly caused me to do a triple take!

Anonymous said...

Saw you today. Welcome to Elk River! :)