Thursday, August 25, 2011

A delicate balance

This was one of those mornings when I just wanted to sleep in. I slept till four thirty. Slowly I prepared. I applied balm to my feet and other parts that get sore. Not wanting to search for a new razor in my highly organized clutter I endured the scratchy shave and took my time gathering the things for the day. I boned the baked chicken for our lunch and had some coffee when the store opened at six. Then with a slow pace I made my way to the overpass and 'trundled down the steep side in the waist high grass to the highways shoulder and rolled into the morning. I got a call from home and talked with one hand as nice (the dog) softly tugged the leash bounding playfully in the grass while I coaxed the World to the Mississippi River Bridge. A half of a mile of this distraction and I ended my phone-home call. Now at the bridge I had a choice of the bridge shoulder or the wide pedestrian/ATV walk which was separated by a concrete "jersey wall". Though I've walked many bridges over the great river I have never balanced the world upon the wall and rolled over the river balancing on top of a ten inch top. It's the littlest thing sometimes that can bring a smile to an otherwise grumpy mood and by the time I'd crossed the big muddy I was a happy camper again. My pains and excuses faded and before I knew it I had traveled miles. Now it is noonish' and we are relaxing for a few moments in the shade of some pines on a well groomed lawn with more than ten miles behind us. No GPS ride lined up to get the van moved forward but patience 'will-out.
Have a great day. Time to walk...

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