Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Goodhue County to Dakota

When I got out of the van I saw it had rained. I didn't think much of it until we were on the road. I had a direct head wind and the canvas ball seemed more wobbly than usual. The patches I had put on and painted over yesterday had me thinking I had thrown the World off balance. I finally realized that the odd wobble was from the rain. I had the ball wedged against a fence for the patch work. When the rain had stopped the water drained to the bottom fabric while the up-side dried. The wind had me working hard, Nice (the dog) was having his ritual morning tug-of-war as we walked, the road rose to a long gradual hill, the wind forced me behind to push for my progress and the wobbling World added to the dance. Once at the top of the hill the wind bore down, I preferred the long hill but the cold front from Canada didn't care. The remainder of the day I would shoulder the World against the wind until I made it to Meisville and eventually to the church where I am staying in the parking lot. The man who offered to give me a ride to get the van was a character, his car was loaded with radiators and old tires. He made room by putting some things in his empty trunk while I asked the people at the gas station if they could watch over the World. On the ride back to Red Wing he told me all about his life as a mechanic and a carnival worker. I could go on in my discription but to say I asked the women at the gas station why they didn't warn me to be ready for a bent ear and giggled when I returned should suffice; he was a character. Home of the Muddhens and Kings famous hamburgers and many nice people who I talked with through the day. The last person I saw tonight was a woman who knocked on my window,her son is diabetic. A reminder of why I am walking. Diabetes should not be so prevalent in the world.
We are off to Hastings tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I have seen you as I have driven past the last 2 mornings. Stick with your journey and never lose hope, you are doing this for a great cause! May you have the strength and perserverance to get to the end of your journey!

Anonymous said...

We were driving on back roads from Minneapolis to Red Wing to Sparta, WI to Chicago on Tuesday and saw you walking with Nice and the globe. Thanks for taking your journey and we're going to make a donation to the ADA.