Thursday, November 10, 2011

Back 'n Home 'n Louisville

It took me most of the day to get to the river and over the bridge was Louisville. I'd spent moments of the day longingly contemplating home. It has been a season and more from the day I left Louisville. Being at home with myself has helped make each day rich, pleasant and fulfilling where ever that day would find me. Be it in a town of eleven or a city sprawling with hundreds of thousands. Days where I share the road with dozens all day or every minute didn't matter, I was at home. After traveling all day I couldn't muster up the energy to cross that river. Louisville would not be like the home I remembered. It would be like so many other places, a Main street with a museum, a Bank Building dominating the landscape, a store that recently caught fire possibly but it would be welcoming, interesting and rich with history and a pride in it by those who live there. The Louisville I know is seven hundred miles from the louisville on the far side of the river Platte, not the Ohio. I stayed the night at Heron Bay, a restaurant next to the river with a pretty view and sweet owners. I awoke in the morning, was putting clothes on Nice (the dog). As I was bending over I coughed and sent a pang of pain across my lower back. All day as I walked through louisville and beyond it tightened and hurt more an more. This morning I feel a little better and will travel very lite. No patch kit or heavy backpack. I have made my way to Manley and stayed at The Hideaway. If all goes well, and I feel manly I will walk the back roads to Weeping Water first. There I will see how the back feels and stay there or go on into Avoka. I need to begin late and let the sun dry the paint on the World, it got dark too soon, it is still damp and frosty this morning. Thanks to the people of Manley , Heron Bay, Louisville and The Hide Away for helping me feel at home. Again, it was good to be in Louisville even if it was not the home I know.

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