Friday, November 4, 2011

Puppy Love and the Chicken Man

Dogs are like elephants, they never forget. Nice (th dog) has a special place in his heart for a certain girl he met along the beach in Florida. She gave him a ride in her big white pickup while I followed in the van. Ever since that day he has been searching for his puppy love. Today was no different. A white farm truck slowed and pulled into the drive we had just passed. It was the same truck of his long lost love. Same year,same sound, and a blonde driver. He sat down and. Wouldn't move until the truck disappeared into the barn at the far side of the property.
We began the day in Arlington just before it was light. We ended the walk against the wind thirteen hours later, eighteen miles I think. Just as we rolled to the Cubby's at the edge of Bennington I was approached by a man who was a volunteer fireman/farmer/Dane rescuer, he was interested to know our story and as a first-responder said he was always going on calls for people in diabetic distress. He happened to be there with his big white truck to receive delivery of some chickens and after checking with his wife they moved the boxes of live birds to the front seat and gave us a ride to get the van back in Arlington. Nice (the dog) was most interested in the nervously clucking boxes for the entire ride much as he is when any cattle truck filled with livestock rolls by or happens to pull into a truck stop when we are close by. Unlike when we pass cattle in the field which he would like to get to, when they are packed into transport trailers he can smell the fear and his natural instincts kick in. Pigs are the worst, they are in his blood; with hogs he wants to work. We will see if his preoccupation with white pickup trucks changes from puppy love to...animal desire.
A fine ending to a perfect day. Keep walking!

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Anonymous said...

I was one of th many kids at Cubbys tonight that you put on "ball duty" :) You are such an inspiring man! Keep up the good work! :)