Monday, November 14, 2011


Before I left Syracuse and walked the grass shoulders of US-50 to Cook Nebraska I sat in the dining section in the Nutcracker gas/food stop. There a local farmer asked me if I'd seen the guy rolling that big earth ball down the highway. After I told him it was me and my purpose of diabetes awareness and more to get everyone walking to control the disease better or to prevent it. This man then told me he was diabetic, was taking a pill for it and then he told me some think he is crazy when he tells them he can check his blood sugar in the morning and it will be high, "say 200", then he will walk the pasture outside his home, a half mile out and a half mile back, then check his blood sugar and it will be normal. He is not able to rid himself of the pills altogether but he agreed and reinforced what I am trying to get through to people, activity helps dramatically on a daily basis.
He was the first person I talked to yesterday and was diabetic. A man in control.

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Dana said...

It was great meeting you today! Keep Walking. :) (We were one of the families that came out from Cook.)