Tuesday, November 15, 2011

you don't wanna' know

Husband and wife both diabetic.
Asked me to wait in the yard, he had something to do and would be back in a half an hour.
When he returned he gave me a bag with chunks of ham and a german chocolate roll, just a slice..
Nice got a frozen beef liver that he is now sleeping by two feet from his head. I believe he'll leave it lay when we walk away from this prairie field to continue from Tecumseh to Pawnee City.

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Anonymous said...

It won't be long before you're in my hometown of Pawnee City, NE--a place I haven't lived in more than 20 years but one that will always be my "home" nonetheless. It's a place where most of my family holidays still take place, where my parents & my brothers & their families all reside.

Pawnee City is a place filled with good people who yearly reach deep into their pockets for JDRF to support research for a cure. People who mourned with us when, in 1999, we buried my 32-year-old brother Randy who died from complications of this disease. They cried with us when my own diagnosis arrived 13 months later. The people of Pawnee City again prayed with us in 2007 as my then nine-year-old nephew was given the same grim news--he too, is diabetic.

I anticipate you'll find lots of warm smiles and friendly waves as you approach the north end of Pawnee City. I hope you'll have a moment to take a deep breath & absorb the goodness of her people...and I hope you'll take a little bit of Pawnee City, NE with you on the remainder of your journey.

I offer you my gratitude & my best wishes as you continue down the road. God bless you.

Becca (Smith) Sutton
Elkhorn, NE