Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Wet at Wally World

As I left Hominy I stopped and talked to the elementary school from across the road. The teachers had them line up along the fence. When I was finished the other half of the school came out and lined the fence. I tried to keep it short and simple, to the point. Walk with the ones you care for to prevent and control diabetes. I spent a lot of the day talking to people who stopped by the road headed to Cleveland. The nice folks who recommended this route to Tulsa didn't tell me of the narrow bridges over the Arkansas before Cleveland or the Cedar Creek crossing to finish the day at Walmart just as it began to rain. This morning I was informed the access roads on the highway I will be on soon will end and I will need to gt a ride over the expressway bridge back over the Arkansas river. That will take a couple days to get to the bridge but this morning I am waiting for some of the heavy rainwater to run off and soak in. I know I'll be muddy, the World will be wet all day an also weigh much more. I would like to sleep instead of walk today...

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