Saturday, November 26, 2011


Black Friday I pushed east on Eleventh Street, also known as Oklahoma Route 66. The "breeze" was coming from the south and slightly from the east, sometimes gusting over thirty miles per hour making my progress a labor. Nice (the dog) had to sniff and mark all the power poles, building corners, fire hydrants, clumps of grass, mail boxes, fence post, and curbs. When we walked by the Tulsa University Stadium just before the game against Texas the fans were gracious and walked around us on the sidewalk as I pushed against the "breeze" and waited for Nice (the endless bladder) to mark bushes, concrete planters, and trees. The sharp angle of the sidewalk had my right leg straining. Switching to the opposite side of the road was out because of the wind so I plodded on until the roadside opened wide later in the day.
Everyday I meet diabetics and people who have family members with diabetes. On thanksgiving I met a double amputee riding on a motorized chair. He had lost one leg after being hit by a car while on a motorcycle and the other from an infection while still in the hospital. He had lost both parents to diabetes and his brother was nearly blind from the disease. Though he couldn't walk he agreed exercise helps to control it. I received an e-mail from a man I met a few days ago, he let me know he had sent a donation to the ADA after meeting us on the road. I can inspire a world of people to walk, only breakthroughs in medicine can help whole families prone to diabetes with cures. Give to the organization of your choice. I'll keep talking and walking...
A tulsa K-9 patrolman stopped to give Nice some treats and ask some questions the television news hadn't covered. I asked him where I may find a safe parking area. He pointed to the Police station just ahead and went forward to ask if it would be permissible. Thanks to the Captain in charge I have had a shower, am parked at the edge of the Tulsa Police Department where It has rained most of the night and all morning. The "breeze" is forecast to blow at thirty five while getting colder during the day. If the roads dry I will "blow up" the World that I deflated for the night of rain and turn South toward the city of Broken Arrow. If conditions remain ugly I hope I can rest here for another evening.
Happy holiday shopping!

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