Monday, November 7, 2011

Sunday walk to Omaha

I spent the windy Saturday in Bennington. All the advice I received from the folks there had me walking East to the river then follow the river to and through downtown Omaha. None mentioned the wide four lane that cut off ten miles and allowed me to get into the city. They, I think, were trying to keep me from what they believed to be the bad side of Omaha. All the big cities I have passed through have far more sketchy areas than the outskirts of Omaha that I walked in yesterday. And if you think of the communities who suffer most from diabetes they don't live by the airport or along the river road. The most enthusiastic people to stop and talk to me were the same demographic that the old men in Bennington led me away from.
This Monday morning I will meander to the American Diabetes Association office.
Have a great day! Walk, be healthy.


Dkoppit said...

Saw WorldGuy walking past my neighborhood (Avalon) off of Hwy 133 in Bennington/Omaha. I was confused at first, then I found this website, and it is cleared up. Good Luck

Erin said...

It was so wonderful meeting you and Nice yesterday! Thank you for taking the time to take a picture with us and talking to us about your mission. Keep up the good work!

CeCe said...

I live on those outskirts and have lived in the areas to which they referred for most of my life. Some of the most genuine people I know still live there. I stopped you for a moment yesterday and gave you what little money I had on me, but am going to your site to do a little better. Thanks for the hug and my prayers are with your journey. You are an inspiration. Godspeed!