Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Off the Grid

Today I am walking on SR51, it runs at an angle toward Fort Smith, not on the strict s-n-e-w grid of most of the roads I have walked since September. WhooHoo!
No interesting fun little tales this morning. Yesterday the first person I talked to was diabetic, through the day of the few I spoke to many were diabetic, the last I spoke to was also diabetic. From juvenile onset to stress, poor diet and complications from surgeries. All different, undeserving...
Today I'm walking the cold World.


A.Smith32 said...

Seen you at McDonald's and up town in Coweta Oklahoma :)

Anonymous said...

Saw you in coweta. Pasted right by my job downtown. Love what your doing. Left work then saw you At the end of town (coweta) that's when my mom and I honked and waved then took a pic. Hope that's cool, I love what your doing. Q: are you headed to Haskell?