Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sitting on a log...

Far from my destination we stop. As Nice (the dog) curls in the rising sunlight, I atop a log in the ditch by the road. I know darkness will fall before I arrive this evening. Taking in some quiet time with the World chugging by.
Diabetes is a problem that my walking cannot cure. Many can take it upon themselves to keep it away, others must or suffer. It can come upon anyone for a myriad of reasons, stress, diet, inactivity. This log is relaxing, today's walk keeps me moving and I can't eat while my hands are full of dog and the world. I was just invited to stop up the road for a meal. What will it be I wonder for the guy walking for diabetes?

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TyAndCheyMommy said...

As I was driving to get donuts in Tecumseh today, I saw you pushing that globe. I was confused. I slowed way down to get a closer look. I even called my mother to tell her what I had seen...
On my way home, donuts in seat next to me forgotten, I saw you again. I took a picture to show my friends! Wishing I could have read those words on the side of the globe. I posted it to facebook and started searching for what this was all about. I found your blog!!
My quest to figure it out left my donuts uneaten (which is better for me since I shouldn't eat that sugar)!
I have watched so many loved ones fight diabetes all their lives, some come out better than others. It is a scary thing that not many people even think about until it hits them in the face.
Thank you for bringing awareness to what diabetes really is!
I hope you have a wonderful journey, and I am wishing I would have stopped to talk to you when I had the chance!