Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Walking to Monroe the shoulder went from just enough to sharp steep and none existent. I felt at times like a bull fighter with the World as my red cape. Especially when one couple stopped for a moment then turned around again and again for questions and picture while other cars tried to pass. It was comical how they kept getting in the way of traffic again and again while I balanced the World on the edge of the line unable do more than stand there and watch the scene play thru. We did well to get to Monroe before the heat but to get to half of a mile though town took a long time as we. Skirted from shaded spots until we got to the tiny park at the edge of town. With the narrow road and it being Sunday where most were concerned for either the weekend drive or were on there way to and fron churh I had to rely on the good graces of the couple who helped me the day before to give us a ride to the van in Covallis. I was tired from two nights of staring at four A.M. But I knew if I was going to get past this narrow stretch of highway I needed to begin even earlier. A county officer came to check on me after dark and gave me advice for the old river highway. I beagn walking at the stroke of midnight to avoid the night shift logging trucks on 99W and enjoyed use of the whole road under moonlit country road. Instead of burning sun I had the cool reflections off the moon and the occasional mist of irrigation from the sprinklers in the fields. The only visitor I had was when I was an opossum who didn't notice I was sitting in the grass with Nice(the dog). The big ball must have intrigued him. He didn't play possum though, his hissed and crept back to the barn across the road. As it became closer to dawn I could hardly walk from being so tired so I lay down by some trees for a twenty minute power nap outside of Junction City. It energized me enough to get into a store for some coffee. It was still cool so I ventured on past Junction City into the greatwide open and wide shouldered 99S. I asked myself why I kept going and soon started to look for a tree to crawl under. I stopped at a diner/ cattle auction house for some breakfast. There I was given a tourist map and directions to a city park on the north side of Eugene. I was on side roads but with lite traffic I made good time and people tended to have time to ask what I was doing. Each state is different and Oregon has a lot of people who like to take pictures on their phones, smile and drive on. A face book phenomenon. On of those who stopped me and talked also called the news so I had an interview while I walked. The reporter put a microphone on me and I walked for a long way concerned about breathing to load or saying something bad as I jumped on and off the road whole cars passed, or were too cautious to pass even when we were fully off the road. A man and his son who talked while I was on camera later came and rode us to Monroe arriving just as I got close to the city park. He gave us a bag lunch and dog treats. We had a good conversation on the way there and I am grateful he went "out of his circle" to help. He said he'd never done that for a stranger before. I returned to the World I had tied to a tree and did my best to sleep despite the heat. I did get a little shut-eye before the sun moved behind the trees. I awoke drenched in sweat. But feeling able to do a small amount of maintenance on the World. An Eugane policeman was at the park making a crime investigation. One that occurred while I slept. I let him know I'd be there overnight and got a little info on how I may best cross the city. Getting a good night of sleep I kept waking up to the Eddy Money song "power of love". I plan to walk a short distance today. Not like the past three day where I walked over fifteen miles each day. Also as I got up and went to the facilities at the park a young woman was sitting on the sidewalk, she was tired cold and hungry so I gave her some of my bagged lunch a pair of socks. She had lost all her things in town (stolen) and is making her way home to her parents two towns north. I have never offered a place for a nap but while I write this and prepare for the day she fell quickly asleep on the bed in the back of he van snug under a blanket with Nice (the World's guard dog) for protection. When I told her he would protect her, or any woman from harm she fell directly to sleep. I hope when she ends the day she will be safe back to her parents home. While she ate she said the World is full of ugly people.. and a few good people. There are more good people than she thinks, I think.
Keeping the movement moving! Save a life, see the World, enjoy a walk.


Anonymous said...

this is really cool! I saw you walking down river rd (in eugene) and searched your website. Glad I got that chance.

Sharie in the Mercedes said...

As I said on the bridge. Have a safe trip!