Friday, August 6, 2010

The Great Eddy

We meandered through town and came to the place where the river does also. I saw in the rivers turn the largest Eddy I had ever seen. I almost turned and pointed it out to Ethan but I had my sights set on the turn off where some locals had fresh veggies for sale. The view of the river captured me. The sparkle lulled me to sit and take it in. I hurried to write a post, lay my hat on my hip and drifted off to sleep. When I awoke refreshed an hour had passed and the wind was urging the world east. Ethan and I both agreed we would find a place to stop soon but didn't now where. We were walking along the river shaded by trees and a following wind when a man pulled off to talk, a local; he knew where the next available place was and it happened to be at the next turn. The turn in the road and the other end of what people from here call The Great Eddie! (Sounds like it should be pronounced with a shaarp Irish accent). That is one of the great things when walking, not biking or driving,I get to talk to the people. The historic marker here at this rest stop tells of Benedict Arnold and the falls but I would not know the name of these turns of the river unless I met someone from here. This gem of Maine.

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Anonymous said...

I know where you are talking about in Skowhegan, Maine. My husband came across you all this morning then he came and got me. He then took me so that I could see you all also. I have type 2 diabetes, my dad and a brother-in-law have type 1. I think it is a great thing that you all are doing and the best of luck to you all.